• In Thuringia, Viba’s confectionists create handmade chocolate figurines and fine pralinés.

  • See how hazelnuts become nougat spread, then, combined with chocolate and marzipan turn into fine confectionary pralinés.

  • Try our chocolates and pralinés, as well as various fruit bars and nougat creations.

  • Quality checks and insights into the production of nougat.

Meet the Thuringian Nougat Specialist!

Viba sweets is a traditional producer of sweets with expertise in the production of nougat, marzipan, fruit bars, candy and fine pralinés. Founded in 1893, the company has its seat in Schmalkalden, Thuringia. Well known throughout Germany, the brand Viba stands for high quality sweets.

Enjoy Viba Products

Quality begins with purchasing the finest ingredients. Therefore, our confectionists are provided with the best hazelnuts, aromatic cocoa and Californian almonds, thus guaranteeing the excellent and unique flavour of our nougat.

This is How It’s Done

Hazelnuts are the main ingredient of nougat. Traditionally, Viba roasts the purchased hazelnuts using its own in-house roasting system. Thereafter, the roasted hazelnuts are ground and combined with further ingredients, such as cocoa, sugar and bourbon vanilla. The subsequent grinding process is what gives Viba nougat its unique, tenderly melting texture. The fine nougat dust is collected in tempered tanks and brought to melt. Our expert way of processing all ingredients warranties that the aromatic roasting flavours are preserved. The nougat mass is then formed into blocks, bars or sticks and cooled until the right texture is obtained. To provide and maintain best quality, Viba pays highest attention on keeping their standards upright during all processes of production. That we provide excellent quality is verified by our “higher level” IFS – certificate.

Elegant wrapping is what gives our nougat its traditional and classic appearance.

What We Promise:

We choose our ingredients carefully, thus guaranteeing the unique taste of all our products.

Our specialist insight in processing all ingredients allows us to maintain their fine flavours and make for the perfect texture of the final products.

We do not use any flavour enhancers or preservatives.

 Our products are checked regularly by an external specialist.

The high quality of our products is our number one priority.

To Viba as a high quality sweets brand, taste is competence.

Viba Nougat-Welt: Experience Nougat!

Dinner at our restaurant? A tour through our museum? Want to take part in a confectionary workshop or  make a unique Viba shopping experience? Visit our Viba “Nougat-Welten” in Schmalkalden (Thuringia) and Dresden (Saxony)! You are invited to explore the sweet world of Viba – where flavour meets experience.

Viba – Passion for Sweet Creations

Taste is our specialty and we wish to share it. Could you use a sweet treat for yourself or a gift for a dear one? Visit our online-shop and choose between tenderly melting nougat, chocolate covered marzipan, our fine confectionaries, various chocolate dragées, mint and lemon candy squares or the healthy snack – our fruit bars.

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