Executive Board

Viba sweets GmbH is managed by Karl Heinz Einhäuser (Head of Accounting & Controlling), Holger Storch (Head of Production), Dr. Andreas Steffen (Head of Marketing and Sales).

Karl Heinz Einhäuser

Accounting & Controlling

Holger Storch


Dr. Andreas Steffen

Marketing / Sales

Marko Falk


Further Contacts

For further information or consulting, find the right contact person below.

Lutz Schrieber

Sales Management

Nancy Büttner

Management Shops

Carolin Haupt

Retail Management

Kathrin Hesselbarth

Export Management

Ariane Schmidt

Product Management

Claudia Czerják

Public Relations

Dr. Michael Cremer


Marcus Weiske

Quality Assurance

Katja Vogt

HR & Accounting

Nadine Ortlepp

Purchasing Management

Sabine Wichler

Handling of Orders

Maria Vonderlind

"Nougat-Welt" Schmalkalden

Andreas Jung

"Nougat-Welt" Dresden

Social Media

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