Viba earns Awards for High Quality

    New Viba products are regularly released on the market. In recent years, some have been awarded the industry prize SWEETIE by creative ideas and special taste. Furthermore, features such as: innovative, high-quality and pleasurable are the focus for future products and projects.


    Sweetie #7 Ruby Crowns

    Intense Ruby Chocolate meets tenderly melting nougat and freshly roasted hazelnuts. Naturally ruby in colour and berry-fruity in taste, Ruby Chocolate is a true chocolate innovation. In combination with the flavour of roasted hazelnuts, Ruby Crowns convinced the expert panel, winning Viba the Sweetie Award 2019.


    Employer Award of the City of Schmalkalden

    On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Viba sweets GmbH, the city of Schmalkalden was given the byname "Nougatstadt " by mayor Thomas Kaminsk. In August, managing director Karl Heinz Einhäuser was awarded the employer award for the regionally important and innovative company Viba, well known for its long-lasting tradition and expertise in nougat-manufacturing.


    Sweetie #6 for Viba`s Praliné Chocolate Bars

    „The new nougat-filled Viba chocolate bars are as tenderly melting as Viba fans would expect.“
    In 2016, Confiserie Heilemann GmbH joined Viba sweets GmbH, uniting chocolate and nouagt expertise. Viba pralinè chocolate bars are produced using Heilemann`s technical know-how in chocolate manufacturing and Viba`s nougat-competence. The chocolate bars are avaible in three variations – classic nougat, almond nougat and brittle-nougat filling – covered in smooth milk chocolate The creative idea wins Viba the SWEETIE Award 2018.


    Sweetie #5 FunnyFaces

    Nougat that fits your mood? With its #FunnyFaces, Viba earns Sweetie award number 5. Available in three eye-catching variations: #SOCOOL, #MANYTHANKS and #FROMTHEHEART, our FunnyFaces convey joyful messages and, through their vibrant appearance, catch the consumers’ eye and trigger new buying impulses.


    When Nougat Meets Chili: Sweetie #4

    With its limited Chili Nougat edition, Viba earns its 4th SWEETIE award. At first, Chili Nougat is offered in Viba shops and supermarkets seasonally, namely in autumn. By now, Chili Nougat is a fixed part of the Viba product range and available in our shops, all year long. In addition, we offer Chili Nougat spread.


    An Icy Adventure – Sweetie #3

    In cooperation with a regional producer in ice cream, Viba creates nougat ice cream in 4 different flavours. This earns Viba SWEETIE number three.


    Fizzy Fun - Sweetie #2

    Viba nougat combined with fizzy sugar crystals earns the company its second SWEETIE. Sweet fun for the young and the young at heart.


    Viba Trainee Wins Award for Excellent Confectionery Technique

    Nougat specialist Viba sweets is proud of its 17 trainees. One of them, Isabell Baumbach, is particularly outstanding, as she is ranked among the 10 best out of 100 graduates of the ZDS. Her diploma thesis – a raspberry-vanilla-truffle – will be exhibited in the exhibition “Great Masters of the Art of Chocolate” at the Chocolate Museum Cologne, from 01.20.2013 onwards. Congratulations!


    Winning MuT Award

    Viba’s newly opened tourist attraction, the “Nougat-Welt” in Schmalkalden, counts up to 10.000 visitors per month. The praline-shaped glass building comprises a restaurant & café, a exhibition as well as a Viba shop and offers confectionary workshops to its visitors. For this innovative and unique idea, Viba is awarded with the MuT (the Medium Sized Business Thuringia Award).


    IFS Higher Level

    Viba strives for highest safety in all processes of production and provides excelent quality. This is verified by our “higher level”-IFS certificate.


    „Nougolade“ wins the Sweetie Award

    The SWEETIE is one of Germany’s most highly coveted awards in confectionary industry. In 2010, Viba wins the award for the first time, for its “Nougolade”.


    2009 “Nougolade” earns Viba the IQ Innovation Award

    Viba’s “Nougolade” – a mix of chocolate and nougat - wins the IQ-Innovation award central Germany, in the category ‘food’.


    Viba Wins the Award „Innovative Medium-Sized Business“

    “Act – Advance – Make a Change”, is the motto, with which Viba is awarded as Thuringian’s most “Innovative Medium-Sized Business”, in Wiesbaden, Germany.


    OPPack Award

    For the new packaging and design of its nougat range, Viba wins the international packaging award OPPack.


    Winner Blind Taste Testing

    Germany’s top chefs award Viba nougat with the first price in a blind taste nougat testing. Their conclusion: This is what nougat should taste like!
    That Viba nougat is best, is also confirmed by the number of sales. According to Nielsen, Viba is Germany’s number one nougat producer, having a market share of more than 40%.


    A Guinness World Record

    Viba produces the world’s largest nougat bar: 750kg in weight and 3m in length. The nougat bar is revealed to a crowd of 5000 people at Schmalkalden city festival.

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