• Viba Nougat Stick XXL with whole hazelnuts

    Viba Nougatstangen XXL

Viba Philosophy

Throughout Germany, Viba is one of the leading nougat manufacturers and well-known for its nougat products.
In the course of its turbulent history, the company, founded in 1893, has become an innovative and creative manufacturer of nougat specialties and sweet gifts.

In the centre of our attention and actions are our customers and all those who share our love for sweets. Therefore, we serve said people in two ways: We provide customers with delicious products which they can enjoy themselves, but also with sweet gifts for their loved ones & friends. This results in our claim:

Viba – Freude am Naschen

Viba’s Golden Rules

Enjoyment takes time and experience
Take time to enjoy and focus on the momentary mood, the sight, the smell, the taste, the sense of touch and the sound. Conscious enjoyment takes time, because it has to be developed over a longer period of time through positive and negative experiences.

Enjoyment must be allowed
If enjoyment is tabooed or sanctioned, feelings of guilt and anxiety arise, which prevent a true experience.

Enjoyment requires concentration on the sensory impressions
Enjoyment cannot be experienced alongside other activities. An experience of enjoyment needs the undivided attention, the "joy of snacking".

Less is more
Excess and enjoyment are incompatible, every favourite dish loses its charm when consumed too often or in too large quantities.

Enjoyment varies
Decide for yourself what you enjoy: whether food or drinks, cycling, hobbies, traveling, ... Find out what gives you moments of delight.

Enjoyment is part of every day
For enjoyment, there must be no extraordinary stimuli - enjoyment should be part of your everyday life.

Viba`s Success guarantee:

Best raw materials and modern manufacturing processes make for an excellent product quality

High service quality through friendly and competent support

Decades of experience as well as technical and technological competence

Quality checks and transparency are part of our daily work

Confident collaboration between colleagues, departments, retailers and private customers

These requirements are both a commitment and a challenge for us. We take the wishes of our customers and strive for the highest possible level of satisfaction with high flexibility and motivation. For Viba it goes without saying that it produces without the addition of preservatives and flavor enhancers. With love and enthusiasm, our employees provide you with exquisite products.

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